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In the last 5 years, our team has expanded from 5 to more than 100 talented employees. Together, we're on a mission to touch people in an inspiring way and reach kick ass results. Everything is run from our mothership in Horsens, Denmark

Put on you rocket thrusters 🚀
Instead of spending our time checking out the competition (ain’t nobody got time for that), we ride the rocket doing our own thing. Not that we can’t get inspired or learn from others’ mistakes. But we mostly look inward, striving to improve ourselves way past the bar.

Grow your talent 🤹
Request any book, course, gear or tool, and you’ll most likely receive it. As a fast-growing company, we consider challenges as an opportunity to learn around smart and passionate team members. We believe you should spend 2 to 10% of your time adding fuel to your individual field of work. That’s how new ideas launch.

Flame on 🔥
With too little energy, too modest goals, our visions will never get off the ground. People on fire make things happen, push the company and inspire their colleagues. We are picky, but once you’re onboard the Trendhim rocket, we trust you and give you responsibilities. Create your own tasks and projects and take the lead when needed. If you grow, Trendhim grows.

Stellar workplace 🤣
We strive to create a gravitational pull strong enough to attract and retain incredibly talented individuals. This means high standards on a great team. Trendhim wants to empower people to do their best work while having a blast. And if that means organising more lunch clubs, Friday bars or canoe tours, then that’s what we do.

You can read more about our vision, DNA, history and culture in our Atlas and Brand Manual

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