Product Development Manager

Join an award-winning e-commerce business as People Manager in Product Development!

You'll join a fast-moving company with a focus on speed, effectiveness, and agility. Your ambitions are welcome as we're constantly growing and evolving as a business. You'll connect the dots between your team and our partners and be responsible for the insanely important first contact with our suppliers. You'll manage an established, self-driven team working closely with our network of freelance designers and our purchasing team.

Referring directly to our Chief Brand Manager and Co-Owner, you'll be responsible for our product development team of six people working with portfolio management, brand management, product design, and sourcing.


What you'll be doing

Our vision is to become the world's go-to destination for men's accessories, and we're doing that by offering best-in-class products to our customers. We won't compromise on quality, and if we wouldn't put the product under the Christmas tree for our loved ones, we won't produce it!

On this mission, it's your responsibility to ensure we develop high-performing products that are in line with our customers' wants and needs. It's important that we maximise profit on all products by focussing on lower sourcing costs, testing prices, and making the right products. However, your most important responsibility is to be a people manager, making sure your team works as a unit with a high team spirit and good vibes.

Your primary tasks will be to:

  • Establish and improve guidelines for all processes in product development – f.ex. in relation to negotiation, packaging, quality control, etc.
  • Ensure that we're legally compliant in all 25 markets, especially regarding labels, packaging, manuals, etc.
  • Establish and improve the quality standards for all our materials, treatments, and constructions.

You and your team are the first pieces of the puzzle in our value chain activities. Therefore, it’s important that you know the benefits of communicating well with the rest of the organisation. You'll work closely with purchasing, but it's also vital that you have a good relationship with our Creative Manager and keep her informed about the arrival of photo samples, so her team can shoot amazing content. Also, you'll keep documentation up-to-date and organised so our marketing department can easily access accurate product information as they prepare for launch. Marketing also needs to know when products arrive at the warehouse so they know when to launch the campaign. When it’s time to evaluate the campaign, you'll receive insights and data from Marketing to help develop new products.  


Who you are

We vision that you've recently had a similar position in either product development or sourcing with management responsibilities. Compliance is something you've worked with, and it's an advantage (but not a requirement) if you have experience managing a team.  

You're motivated by numbers, performance, and seeing sales increase. As a leader, you're often told you're incredibly driven, and you always strive to do things better tomorrow than what was possible today. You build your decisions on data, and have an eye for data analysis and spotting trends. You love project management tools and get things done on schedule, so you have more time to focus on being an awesome leader for your team.


Who we are

We design accessories for men and sell them directly to consumers online. With 5,000+ products and a top-notch design department, we help customers in 30+ countries tell their stories. Everything is run from our warehouse in Horsens, Denmark.

We've grown from a dozen employees to 100+ in a few years and have been awarded the Børsen Gazelle 6 years in a row. That's the success story you'll help us build upon.

We need more talent on our mission to make our products conveniently available to all men globally.

You can read more about our vision, DNA, history and culture at

Hear why we want to help men tell their stories here:  


Why you should want to work with us 

  • Flexible working hours. Are you an early bird or a nine-to-fiver? Make your time count.
  • Competitive salary. We know you've worked hard for your skills and experience and will offer a salary to match.
  • Skill development. You'll have the opportunity to develop your skills alongside coworkers you can learn from, and who want to learn from you.
  • Work-life balance. We know your time is valuable. Carve out what you need for friends and family.
  • The right tools. Do you work best with a mouse in each hand, or do you swear by seeing everything on a 49" ultra-wide monitor? Whatever you need, you'll get it.
  • All the caffeine you need. Whether it's coffee, tea or energy drinks, we'll make sure you stay hydrated. And snacks, lunch and way too much cake will make sure you don't go home hungry.
  • 60% employee discount. Your gift-giving game just got that much better.

Apply and tell us about:

  1. Why you'd love to take on the role of Product Development Manager.
  2. Why you believe that you'd own it. (hint: we love reflections, cases, numbers and portfolios)
  3. What's your biggest professional fear and dream.
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